Your dad always says, when you moan that things haven’t gone your way, ‘You can’t write your own script.’

The beauty of Face the Consequences is that you can, actually, write your own script. With a click of your mouse you can make some potentially life-changing choices – all from the safety of your desk. The site has been carefully designed to look really innocuous, so even if your boss appears out of nowhere to look over your shoulder it will just look like you're reading a very serious document. Or if you're a surf-from-home kind of girl, you can face the consequences from the comfort of your sofa.

  This is your story.  

Your name is Sarah Smith, and in many ways you’re not terribly remarkable. You work in Marketing for a large corporate based in the West End. You live in North London with your best mate Alice, and your ‘hobbies’, as your Mum might put it, involve spending time in your local, shopping, watching reruns of Friends and new series of Top Model, and occasional bursts of gym-going.

That said, you think you are pretty damn remarkable. And so you should. Your chestnut hair is naturally straight, saving you the hours your girlfriends put in with their GHDs. You look like butter wouldn’t melt, but have the dirtiest laugh this side of Texas. You have a fantastic memory for names and faces. You are also equipped with a wide range of party tricks, from lighting zambuca on your tongue to putting lipstick on hands free, Breakfast Club style. These qualities and many others are, you believe, what makes you special. Quite right too.

For what it’s worth, your mates would agree. What might seem at first to be a certain flightiness, is a genuine interest in the people around you, and a big appetite for socialising, small talk, and gossip. People who don’t know you well could think you a little indecisive, but your friends know that you’re just a thoughtful girl, careful to make decisions where others’ feelings are involved. Sure, after a few drinks you might act with a little more abandon, because you’re young and fabulous and you like being reckless sometimes too.

To find out what you’ve been up to lately, read on. When you come to a choice – click, and see where it takes you. If you don’t like what you see, well, you can always hit the ‘back’ button. Real life’s not like that: you have to live with your decisions. But this brilliant combo of fiction and your browser lets you live for the moment – or the next page – in the knowledge you can exit if things don’t go your way.

Personally I think you should be a bit more disciplined about it. Try to resist the ‘back’ button if you possibly can. Much better to see it through, make your choices and face the consequences.

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