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About Isadora
I'm Isadora Watts, and I'm a lady of letters.

You may not know me, but you know someone just like me. I'm the sweet old girl with a twinkle in her eye, whose curtain twitches when you kiss a fella goodbye in the morning. You might have seen me stocking up on biscuits and milk at the corner shop. You'll certainly have seen my cat, perched on the windowsill looking out - a people watcher just like me. I spend a lot of my time pottering around my neighbourhood, tending my garden, and strolling around the park. And at least once a week I venture into the West End to the theatre or the galleries, or for dinner with one of my many gentlemen admirers. But most of all I like being at my desk, gazing out of the window, writing about people like you.

I'll try not to interfere as you create your own story and make your choices, but I'm afraid my opinions and preferences may occasionally slip out. You don't need to pay an old spinster like me any attention though, you just go ahead and do what you think is best. The choices are all yours - and so are the consequences