The sex was great: adventurous, tender and frenzied in turn, and all round pretty damn satisfying. Afterwards Mark gives you a gentle kiss, holding you close to him for a moment. The warmth of his chest and his arms around you, feel good. You wonder what happens next Ė youíre in uncharted territory here.

ĎHey, this was fun. We should do it again some time,í says Mark.

You seal your agreement with a kiss before drifting off to sleep.


Well, Iím afraid you wonít get to do it again some time, Sarah Smith. Markís a player, and he hates wearing a condom. As a result he provides a welcoming home to a couple of nasty infections, which he passed onto you that night. Okay, itís nothing fatal. But I donít want you passing it on again and infecting my other, better behaved characters. So Iím killing you off. Let that be a lesson to you, young lady; you made a bad choice.


T H E   E N D


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