You've made 5 choices - if you've played the game properly that is - and it's almost over. Your penultimate choice is coming up. Are you ready to face the consequences? 

Chapter Six I - in which you let Zac see your fabulous knickers
Chapter Six II - in which you go home alone
Chapter Six III - in which you go the whole way with Mark
Chapter Six IV - in which you resist temptation
Chapter Six V - in which you don't take precautions
Chapter Six VI - in which you protect yourself
Chapter Six VII - in which you eat a burger
Chapter Six VIII - in which you eat falafel
Chapter Six IX - in which you see Brad again
Chapter Six X - in which you rid yourself of Brad
Chapter Six XI - in which you show your commitment and go to Botswana
Chapter Six XII - in which you stay in London
Chapter Six XIII - in which you prove to Charlie you mean it and go to Botswana
Chapter Six XIV - in which you stay in London
Chapter Six XV - in which you learn to scuba dive
Chapter Six XVI - in which you complete the International Leadership Programme induction
Chapter Six XVII - in which you sell your story
Chapter Six XVIII - in which you dine out on your story
Chapter Six XIX - in which you have another drink
Chapter Six XX - in which you head off for that burger

Note: At the end of Chapter Six, you'll find Chapter Seven, and the final set of consequences, in a pop-up. Your browser window, behind the pop-up, will mysteriously direct itself  away from www. facetheconsequences. com. When you've finished reading Chapter Seven and closed the pop-up, just hit back on your browser to come back to the site. I'm afraid I'm not technically minded enough to work out how to fix it.